Texas Tri-County Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters

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Date: 24 February 2020 | Starting at 5:30PM | Meeting Link

Absentees : Jim Lowery Shankar Poncelet Matthew Kordelski Antrea Ferguson

Time Role Presenter Event Duration
5:30 PM Presiding Officer Call to Order / Invocation / Pledge/ Intro to Toastmaster
5:35 PM Toastmaster Harlon Pickett Toastmaster calls on Meetings Roles
General Evaluator Craig Sprout
1st Evaluator
Online Evaluation Forms
Craig Sprout
2nd Evaluator
Online Evaluation Forms
5:45 PM Toastmaster Harlon Pickett Toastmaster Introduces Speakers
1st Speaker Tammy Perez Leadership
2nd Speaker
Timer Call for Timer's Report
5:55 PM Toastmaster Harlon Pickett Toastmaster introduces Table Topics Master
Table Topics Master Sean Adams Table Topics (Impromptu Speaking) 1:00 | 1:30 | 2:00
Timer Timer Report
6:15 PM Toastmaster Harlon Pickett Toastmaster introduces General Evaluator
General Evaluator Craig Sprout Prepared Speech Evaluations
1st Evaluator Craig Sprout 2:00 | 2:30 | 3:00
2nd Evaluator 2:00 | 2:30 | 3:00
General Evaluator calls for Reports
Timer Timer Report
WAG Grammarian & Word Master Report
General Evaluator Craig Sprout General Meeting Evaluation 2:00 | 2:30 | 3:00
Toastmaster Harlon Pickett Closing
6:35 PM Presiding Officer Review Next Meeting (VPE)
Presiding Officer Announcements & Awards
Presiding Officer Adjourn
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