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Public Speaking For All

September 21, 2020

Meeting update

by Administrator

Fellow Toastmasters,
Members present at the meeting were Harlon, Craig, Laura, Shankar, Antréa, Donna, and Tammy. We had a guest, Cecil Perkins, III. Those members not able to make the meeting were Julieanna, Pamela, Michael, Justine, Sean, and Rey.

Shankar kicked off the meeting as presiding officer since Harlon was experiencing internet difficulties. Shankar opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. He then turned the meeting over to Laura, the Toastmaster for the evening, who allowed all members with roles to introduce their roles for the night.

The WAG was Craig. The word of the evening was juncture, a specific point in time or a joining. The General Evaluator was Antréa, who described the evaluation portion of the meeting. Donna, who was the speech evaluator for the night, pointed out that she will provide feedback on things the speaker may want to work on. The timer for this meeting was Shankar. He described his role, demonstrated the colored Zoom backgrounds, then shared that the time for the night’s speech was 18-22 minutes.

The first speaker was Harlon. He is a seasoned Toastmaster that delivered a non-traditional speech length due to his advanced pathway. This was his final speech in level five. Congratulations, Harlon!

Harlon gave a speech on ethical leadership. He pointed out that ethical leadership is paramount. He discussed the impact of ethics on decisions in business and asked us, “What if it’s the best thing for a client even if it’s not the best for your business?” Friends, family, and others impact your development of ethics but it’s experience that shapes you. He discussed how thoughts lead actions and told us a story about a situation where his ethical decision making in his own work had serious implications. It was a tough ethical decision that could have had a negative impact on his future with the company. Daily now, in the insurance world, he gets to decide each day what the best course of action is for his clients. He closed out by challenging us to look at what our ethical values are and to carry those out every day. (21:10)

The United Nations' (UN) International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21st each year to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. The International Day of Peace is also a day of ceasefire – personal or political. All of the questions for Table Topics revolved around this national day.

The first question, “What does peace mean to you and what does it look like?” was answered by Antréa. She said that peace is the absence of fear and being able to have no fear about education, healthcare, love, and other everyday things. While we take those things for granted, a lot of people are in fear abut them. We still have a lot of barriers to break through even today. (2:30)

The second question was, “If you could pick one person that you know who could be an icon for peace, who would that be and why?” Donna responded that the one person in her life who could be an icon for peace was her Grandmother, Nanny. If Nanny could wrangle her family, she’s worthy of the title. Her peaceful ways left a legacy to her family. (1:22)

The third question was, “In your travels, what is the most peaceful place you have visited. Describe it for us.” Craig showed us a picture of his childhood home in Montana and described the sounds and tranquil environment where he is able to sit on the porch and soak in the peace and tranquility. (1:18)

The fourth question was, “What do you do to find and feel more peaceful internally?” Harlon told about the one thing that he does to achieve internal peace is to go hunting. He enjoys the nature, the peacefulness, and hearing the world come awake from the pitch black of night through to the sunrise. (1:10)

When answering, “Peace or conflict? What is more satisfying in your daily life?” our guest, Cecil said that peace is more satisfying. Peace of mind and smooth train of thought, introspection. When he is able to achieve peace in the early morning, he has a smoother day. He definitely prefers peace over conflict. (:53)

In the last question, “Describe a conflict that you have experienced and how you achieved peace in that conflict.” Shankar talked about his time as a police officer when he was called to a house to resolve a conflict. He was able to do that by using language instead of force. (2:30)

The General Evaluator, Antréa described the three parts of the evaluation portion of the meeting, beginning with the speech evaluation portion. She introduced Donna who evaluated Harlon’s speech. He gave a 22 minute speech and wasn’t intimidated by it at all. He told us a personal story. His hand gestures were appropriate. He gave us great information with true emotion. He made himself vulnerable. At the end, he gave us homework. There was structure in the beginning, middle, and end. Excellent speech. (1:37)

Craig let us know that Shankar won the word of the day. There were a lot of fillers used this meeting. We should additionally watch subject/verb agreement, cliches, and dropping the g at the end of our words.

Antréa noted that we started the meeting on time. She mentioned that the use of themes for Table Topics was a nice touch and that she would like to see more use of themes. She pointed out that it was nice to hear the evolvement of Harlon’s leadership and ethics through the vulnerability in his speech. The room was set up when individuals arrived. Maybe we should all have a flag ready for the beginning of the meeting.

Antréa asked our guest, Cecil, what his thoughts were about the meeting. He said he liked it; it went well. He learned a lot about the structure of the meetings. He thought everyone was nice and spoke well. Antréa mentioned that he was very confident and spoke well. We enjoyed having him join us.

Laura took back over and mentioned that we have an email in our inbox reminding us to pay our renewal fees.

The Table Topics winner for the night was Craig. Antréa, Cecil and Shankar all tied for second place.

Laura then turned the meeting back over to Harlon to close out.

Harlon reminded us of the officer’s meeting later that evening.

Don’t forget to invite your friends, business associates, and family members to our meetings!

We still need quite a few meeting roles filled for the next meeting on September 28th. Let’s fill up the roles for the next few weeks so that we situate the club members in a better position to prepare ourselves. Sign up for roles at this link:

Thanks again for an amazing meeting! Have a great week!

The link to the virtual meeting is here:


Tri-County Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters club Secretary


Meeting update

by Administrator

October 12

Meeting update

by Administrator