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Public Speaking For All

October 12

Meeting update

by Administrator

Fellow Toastmasters,

Harlon started the meeting promptly at 5:30. Members present at the meeting were Joco, Harlon, Craig, Shankar, Antréa, Laura, and Tammy. Those members not able to make the meeting were Julieanna, Donna, Pamela, Michael, Robert, Sean, Mindy and Rey.

Harlon put up a US flag for the pledge of allegiance. Then he turned it over to Craig, our toastmaster of the evening who told us that this is the place to better our speaking skills and, if we are not open to constructive criticism, this is not the place to be. The theme of the night was rock and roll. Eddie Van Halen was his first idol and since he passed the week before, it was a fitting theme.

The WAG for the night was Antréa. She said her job is to listen carefully to language use throughout the meeting, take note of outstanding words, quotes, etc. and then she gave us the word of the day. The word of the day was “indigenous” her example was, “Today is Indigenous Peoples Day.” Each speaker is encouraged to use the word of the day throughout their speeches and commentary.

The General Evaluator for the night was Shankar. He also carried out the first evaluation. The second evaluator was Craig Sprout. Our timer for the night was Joco.

Our Rock Star speaker for the night was Harlan Pickett. He is on the Visionary Speaker Pathway and this was his last speech, so the time allotted was between 10 and 12 minutes. Harlon shared with us that as he went through the pathway, he learned something new. He was skeptical about the new club and the new program. He thought it was going to be a social group. However, the club was much more than that. He was asked to evaluate himself, “How do I see myself?” He had to evaluate his speaking style and it helped him understand the type of leader he was and how he could develop further. His eyes were opened because he found out that he's a storyteller. He found out how to tell a story to bring it alive. He came in second in the competition due to feedback from Craig. The recurring theme of leadership is important to all aspects of his life. Reviewing his speeches and refining them has helped him in his business. He cannot complete the pathway without creating a vision. It helped him understand that improvement can always be done. Harlan's speech was 12 minutes and 32 seconds.

Our next speaker of the night was Tammy Perez. She spoke about how languages help her travel the world. She spoke to us about the indigenous civilizations in the Americas. First, she started with a little history of the Aztecs in Mexico and how they were founded in Tenochtitlán, the center of the Aztec empire. She showed us several pyramids and ruins from that ancient civilization. We then progressed down through Central America and South America to see some ruins of the Mayas and Incas. She left us with a teaser about an upcoming presentation she will give on Spain. Tammy spoke for 8 minutes and 37 seconds.

Harlon was our Table Topics Master for the night. He asked Craig, “Who was the greatest rock and roll guitarist of all time?” Craig said there is a James Marshall Hendrix behind every great guitarist. Jimi Hendrix was very smooth. He hit every note and lit the guitar on fire. He is always cited by guitarists. Craig spoke for two minutes and six seconds.

The next question went to Joco. Harlon asked her what the greatest rock song of all time was, according to her. She chose Bohemian Rhapsody because of its creative dramatic theme and incredible vocal range. It was very abstract and seemed like it shouldn't go together, but it did. It was an iconic song. Joco spoke for one minute and 19 seconds.

Harlon felt like the 70s were a great decade for rock and roll and asked Antréa what the greatest decade of rock and roll was for her, and why. Antréa chose the 80s, not because it was the greatest, but because of music television. She loved Prince; she loved purple. She only lived six years of the 80s. Antréa spoke for two minutes and 24 seconds.

Harlon then asked Tammy what her favorite song was by a guitarist. Tammy chose all work by Cat Stevens because it brings back such wonderful memories. Tammy spoke for one minute and 19 seconds.

Harlon then asked Shankar if rock'n'roll was his favorite type of music. Shankar talked about a German group that drank and smoked heavily. Their name roughly translated to “the Evil Uncles.” All of their songs were about suffering. He mentioned that music can be therapeutic. When you listen to songs you hear the emotions. Shankar spoke for two minutes and 57 seconds.

Shankar, as our General Evaluator of the night, noted how important the evaluation portion of the meeting is. He passed the baton off to the first evaluation which he gave. He stated that Harlan started out with an interesting hook and that we, as the audience, wanted to know what he got out of Toastmasters. However, he started with the Pathways as if we understood what Pathways were. He could have explained that terminology some more. Shankar would have liked an example of how the pathways fostered leadership skills. He used very appropriate hand gestures, and he liked the ending a lot.

Shankar then passed off the evaluation to Craig to evaluate the second speech. Craig stated that the visual aids were awesome. He loved the history, the comparison and contrast, but the presentation could have been expanded. Tone and clarity were good with good mastery of Spanish. What the speaker could improve on was that the title did not match the content. She maintained very good eye contact for Zoom. The General Evaluator then turned it over to Joco who gave the timers report. The first evaluation took three minutes and 16 seconds, and the second evaluation took two minutes and 20 seconds.

Next, our WAG mentioned that the word of the day, indigenous, was used by Shankar a few times and by Tammy five times. She mentioned that Shankar used growed (but that it was cute). 😊 Tammy used several ums, uhs and stated, I'm gonna, instead of I'm going to. Harlan said yeah, and had one use of a colloquial expression, not too dadgum bad.

In his evaluation of the overall meeting, Shankar stated that we started on time. We had a little bit of a lag until we got momentum. We have a lot of people that pitch in and it would be good to have those positions filled in beforehand so that we do not take meeting time doing it. The pledge may have been a bit off. We were reminded to give a short feedback in the chat as well which is always nice. Shankar then handed the meeting back to Craig, our Toastmaster.

Craig said thank you to everybody and turned it back over to our president.
Harlon asked us to fill in the next week’s rolls. He called for best speaker who was Tammy and best table topics which was a tie between Shankar and Antréa. It was a great meeting. Please remember to share the video on Facebook and invite, invite, invite! Invite your friends, business associates, and family members to our meetings!

Thanks again for an amazing meeting.

The link to the virtual meeting is here:


Tri-County Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters Club Secretary


Meeting update

by Administrator


Meeting update

by Administrator