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Public Speaking For All

August 3, 2020

Meeting report

by Administrator

Good evening, fellow Toastmasters!
Members present last night were Harlon, Shankar, Antréa, Craig, Donna, and Tammy. Jim Lowery, our club mentor, was present as well. Those members not able to make the meeting last night were Laura, Pamela, Michael, Justine, Sean, Rey, and Julieanna.

Harlon started the meeting at 5:30 and we promptly took a quick recess to address one of the roles. After the pledge, the meeting was turned over to our Toastmaster, Jim, who shared many interesting and detailed stories throughout the meeting about early explorers in the Americas, the theme for the night. Please don’t forget to share the FB livestream so that our friends in social media-land may join us.

Craig talked about his role as general evaluator and Antréa, our WAG, presented the word of the night which was dossier. A dossier is a collection of documents in a bound folder. Shankar talked about the timer role and shared his Zoom backgrounds to keep the speakers on task and on time.

There was one speaker for the night. Tammy, who is on the Innovative Planning Pathway, gave her 2-3 minute speech on focusing on the positive. Her primary focus was how to record feelings of gratitude in a way that is more impactful.

Jim then turned the meeting over to our Table Topics Master. Harlon pointed out National Holidays for the day, such as National Watermelon Day, and National Grab Some Nuts Day, and asked Antréa what she felt should be a national holiday. We found out that she would designate National Dried Mango Day in honor of Shankar’s great love of dried mangos.

Jim answered the next question on what his favorite cookie is. He stated that he likes to eat Oatmeal Raisin cookies because he feels they are the best for your health. They are just grains and fruit, after all.

Shankar, in honor of National Work Like a Dog Day, discussed his favorite pet. While he is a dog person, he would love to explore having a pet donkey, a pet piglet, or a pet sloth.

National root beer float day was next up. Tammy was asked what her favorite flavor of float was. She doesn’t really drink floats but her favorite drink with ice cream in it is a Hot Buttered Rum. Yum!

Craig, resident beer guy, was asked about International Beer Day. He told us he likes it; it makes him a jolly good fellow… it makes him feel mellow. Big shoutout to Tom T. 😊

After wrapping up the national holiday portion of our meeting, Craig, serving in the roles of General Evaluator and Speech 1 Evaluator, gave an evaluation of Tammy’s speech. Positives: taking off glasses when speaking, good eye contact through the camera, good hand gestures, smiling. Needs work: the background was distracting, and there were some wording conventions to eliminate such as “I would say.”

During the WAG report, we found out that Jim used the word of the day the most. Others also used it throughout the meeting. We were relatively filler-word free with a few exceptions.

In the overall meeting evaluation, Craig stated that the meeting was well organized and fun. It was great to see Donna again. Antréa also shared some evaluation for the meeting which included praising the use of the theme for the night and the use of national holidays for the Table Topics.

Jim turned the meeting back over to Harlon, our presiding officer. Shankar announced that our Table Topics winner was Antréa.

We filled in most of the meeting roles last night but there is one role left: General Evaluator. Sign up for that role for next week at this link:

Thanks again for an amazing meeting! Enjoy next week’s meeting. Your secretary will be on vacation and will not be present so I will be reaching out to someone to take notes and type up the summary for the blog. Have a great week!

The link to the virtual meeting is here:


Tri-County Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters club Secretary


Meeting update

by Administrator

October 12

Meeting update

by Administrator