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Public Speaking For All


Meeting update

by Administrator

Fellow Toastmasters,
Members present at the meeting were Harlon, Craig, Shankar, Antréa, and Tammy. Tonight was also the first night for our newest club member, Joco! Welcome! Those members not able to make the meeting were Julieanna, Donna, Laura, Pamela, Michael, Justine, Sean, and Rey.

Harlon began the meeting at 5:31 and, after reciting the pledge, turned the meeting over to our TM of the evening – Antréa Ferguson. Antréa had selected harvest as the theme for the evening and that was evidenced by her and Shankar’s hats that were worn throughout the meeting.

We welcomed our newest member, Joco, to the meeting and then quickly realized that we needed some roles filled. Our WAG for the night was Craig who announced that our word of the day was myriad (not myriad of…). He then explained his role for the evening so that everyone knew what he was going to be watching for.

The General Evaluator was Harlon and he explained that he has a team to help in the evaluation of the portions of the meeting. The timer, Craig, talked about the role of the timer and how that would be tracked throughout the meeting.
Tammy gave the first speech in the motivational pathway which was an ice breaker focused on leadership and how that can be developed in children, particularly in young girls. (6:04)

Shankar, in the second speech, shared that he had watched a movie over the weekend, Antebellum. He used that movie as a springboard to give a passionate speech about racial relations today and how we can respect and hear those that are different from us. (6:57)

Harlon was the Topics Master for the evening and his questions revolved around the harvest theme. The first question had to do with what you would harvest if you had the opportunity. Tammy loves all plants that give fruit or smell great so she would harvest all the fruits and vegetables. (1:11)

The next question addressed the ever-present fall topic of pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice or not? Shankar said that one thing interesting that he found out is that most people don’t like pumpkin spice but that most people desperately want to like it. He gave a shoutout to Starbucks that they could assign such emotion to a product. WTG Starbucks! (1:59)

Thanksgiving is the most famous fall holiday. If you mayor of a town and were to create an autumn festival, what would it be? Antréa would create a festival around avocados. She would promote competitions around different ways to use an avocado and gave a very colorful description of what an avocado dunking booth would look like. Also, did you know that avocados will cure COVID? (2:14)

Harvesting crops is time intensive and machinery helps. If you could invent a machine to make a difference in the world, what would it be? Joco said that she would create a machine to combat misinformation. If you don’t have time to review all of the facts surrounding all of the information that is coming out daily, this machine could identify what are the facts and what are the fallacies. (1:16)

Harlon then introduced the evaluation portion of the meeting. First up was Shankar with his evaluation of Tammy. He said that we were brought quickly into the topic and it was good that it was linked to personal experiences. In this speech, the group learned something new about the speaker which is the goal of an ice breaker. The setup of the video meant that hand gestures were not seen and there was a moment where she forgot a word, got completely flustered, and was thrown off for about 20 seconds of the speech. Awkward…

Harlon, in his evaluation of the second speech, said that Shankar gave a powerful speech which showed his passion for the subject. He was speaking from the heart. It was outstanding. If he wants to improve, there were a few things he could work on. At the beginning, we didn’t know where the speech was going, so it would benefit from a bit more of a framework. The camera framing of his speech didn’t allow for hand gestures and it would have been better if he were standing to give the speech. Overall, excellent.

The WAG said that Harlon used the word of the day four times but two times he used it incorrectly, so he had a net usage of 2 times. Shankar used it two times, Antrea used it, sort of, for a net half point, and Tammy used it once. Harlon won the phrase of the day with “as is my wont.” Shankar used a few superfluous words such as “and,” “so,” and “well.” Tammy used “and,” “so,” and a double clutch. She also needs to watch pronunciation and say “going to,” not “gonna.” Joco’s unnecessary word was “like.”

Harlon gave an overall evaluation of the meeting as well. He said we were slow to start because we still needed spaces filled. We typically have pretty good attendance but this meeting we had to double up roles. It was a great meeting overall. Joco jumped in and joined the Table Topics portion which was very nice on her first day as a new club member.

Antréa asked Joco what her impression of the meeting was, and Joco shared that the found it interesting. She loves the website and the meeting structure. She liked the topics and the evaluations.

Antréa then turned the meeting over to Harlon who had Shankar announce the winners of the night’s speeches. Shankar won best speaker, and Joco won Table Topics. WTG Joco!
Craig announced that every Tuesday evening the district holds a meeting with different topics. It starts at 7 pm and can be found on the website. Then, Harlon had us fill the roles for the next meeting before we adjourned.

Don’t forget to invite your friends, business associates, and family members to our meetings!

We still need quite a few meeting roles filled for the meeting on October 12th. Sign up for roles at this link:

Thanks again for an amazing meeting! Have a great week!

The link to the virtual meeting is here:


Tri-County Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters club Secretary


Meeting update

by Administrator

October 12

Meeting update

by Administrator